"Ershter Vals ('First Waltz'). This is a touching, full-bodied, inventive piece..."

- Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine USA

"The choreographer favors aggressive unisons and spurts of energy..."

- SF Gate USA

"That's a powerful way for a dance to start. The emotional tension was sustained with the rhythmic rise and fall of the movement phrases..."

- The Washington Post, USA

"Ma Cong's new Through...conveyed more emotion and hinted at passionate back stories... Altogether a visually and emotionally satisfying piece."

- Huffpost Arts & Culture, USA

"Tethered Pulse... It's a ballet that captivated you from first moment to's that good."

- Tulsa World

"The mix of German, Italian and Yiddish lyrics, combined with the Spanish and Eastern European folk themes inspired by ethnic ghettoes of World War II, supports the tango-inspired sensuality of Cong's work with its serpentine partnering and unconventional beauty."

- Richmond Times Dispatch, USA

"Ma Cong punctuates his grounded choreography with remarkable airborne moments for the women and these lifts take the work to another dimension..."

- Dancelines, Australia

"Cong's choreography has a fine angular fluidity and dynamic sweep..."

- DanceTabs, USA

"... an artist to note, Ma Cong"

- DC Metro Theater Arts, USA

"Cong put forth an intriguing dual vision that alternated between sharp, twitching steps and flowy, suspending movements. The greatest overall element was simplicity - clean lines, elegant costumes, and seamless transitions."

- KCMetropolis, USA

"The city has embraced the talented and exuberant Cong as its own...The world premiere of his choreography of "Carmina Burana" inspired on-their-feet enthusiasm from audience members, making this a very satisfying dance experience."

- Ballet - Dance Magazine, USA

"Ma Cong's French Twist was an audience favorite in 2010..."

- ArtsAmerica, USA

"Ershter Vals contains a message about redemption, with its genesis in stories from the Jewish ghettos of World War II. Choreographed by Ma Cong to the compelling strains of Hebrew folk music...The movement develops in speed and detail as the work progresses, and was always cleanly and crisply executed by the dancers..."

- Dance Australia

"French Twist" showcases the rising talent of Cong..."

- SF Examiner, USA

"Ma Cong's Ershter Vals is uplifting ad joyous..."

- Dance Europe